Friends & Family Test - What Is It?

“The Friends and Family Test is a feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS Services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience that can be used to improve services. It is not a traditional survey. It is a continuous feedback loop between patients and practices.”     (Source: NHS England)

NHS England, are asking all practices to give patients an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback of their experience through the "Friends & Family Test".

Therefore, the practice has customised this test and combined the first compulsory question (required by NHS England) with further important follow up questions to gain your valuable perception on how well we are performing and/or analyse ourselves to provide you with the best quality care and services.

The questions are very basic and it will only take a moment to complete them. Each question is followed by comment box where you can provide us with the reason, if you want, for that particular answer. In some cases we do also publish your comments but keeping you anonymously, even still you can select the option if you do not wish your comments to be made public.

The average of our overall results and its mode of collection (via website, post, collection box) will be displayed on the notice board in our Reception Area and also will be published on our website.

Please look for details in the reception or waiting room. You can also ask a member of staff on how to take part or search for more information online at NHS England web page.

♦ Please click here to access the Friends & Family Test.