Hospital Transport

Patient Transport Service

As from 1st April 2017 all bookings will be made via telephone with E-zec’s call centre staff will be assessing each request against the national Department of Health (DOH) eligibility criteria to ascertain the need for transport. 

The eligibility criteria has not changed, but as a result of the new contract, will be strictly enforced. 

Outpatient bookings

The patient or patient’s carer will be responsible for making all requests for transport directly with E-zec. This includes the initial GP referral and any subsequent appointment. In exceptional circumstances, such as a patient being deemed vulnerable or where it is felt the patient is not capable of making the booking themselves, E-zec will accept requests directly from healthcare professionals.  Either the NHS or Patient Line can be used in these circumstances (contact numbers below).

Discharges, transfers and admissions

These types of journeys will remain the responsibility of the healthcare department to book directly with E-zec.


There are two telephone numbers for making a transport request:

Patient Line 0300 777 6688 – Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

This number will be advertised to patients and carers to make transport requests for journeys to and from NHS hospitals and clinics.  This includes outpatient appointments, renal dialysis for some wheelchair and stretcher patients and oncology centres. 

NHS Line 0300 777 7788 – 24/7

This number is dedicated for NHS healthcare professions to make bookings directly with E-zec. These bookings will generally be on the day request for discharges or transfers.

The renal dialysis transport provider remains the same.  Patients should continue to contact the same provider by calling 0117 966 9198, Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 7pm. The out-of-hours number is 0117 926 4001.


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